Lisa Reagan is a prolific songwriter, producer, composer, educator and philanthropist. Lisa’s lyrics, voice and orchestration create a sound that is ethereal, sophisticated and timeless.
October 2019

New Album

I’m very excited about my new chant album “Shunia” I’ve been working on this album since October 2019 with fellow singer and musician Suzanne Jackson and producer/composer Jamshied Sharifi. We started out wanting to create beautiful music and melodies to some of our favorite Sanskrit chants, but as we started writing together the songs took on a life of their own. We ended up with a kirtan album that is different than any other kirtan recording I’ve ever heard.

We recorded the final musicians last week, (string octet) at the DiMenna studio in NYC. The string arrangements that Jamshied created are SO beautiful and the musical skill of the string players is so great that this addition has taken the entire album to ta new level. Now that everything is in place the album will go to mixing and probably be completely finished by the end of the year. The release will be in early 2020. This album is musically beautiful and spiritually powerful and I can’t wait to share it with the world!

Lisa Reagan